Thursday, October 2, 2008

Focus Country- North Korea

Hebrews 13:3, Matthew 25:34-40, Matthew 5:10, 1 Peter 3: 13-17, 1 Peter 4: 12-14

North Korea

Economy Notables Prayer Points Country Profile: NORTH KOREA
People: The approx. 25 million North Koreans are made up of 99% Korean and 1% Chinese. Population is largely in the western lowland plains. About 60% of the people live in the cities. People live a life of repression and fear. Freedom of movement, assembly, and association are strictly controlled.
Politics:Kim Jung Il, the “Dear Leader” is head of the country. The government indoctrinates and fosters its ideology through education and culture. Kim Il Sung the “Great Leader” has been exalted and revered as a god to be followed with obedience. The newspapers, radio and TV are under control of govt. run Korean Central News Agency. The dominant political party and source of power is the Korean Workers Party.

Religion:About 70% of the people are non-religious. Religious freedom is guaranteed in the constitution, but in reality religious activity is discouraged. The Word of God is banned in North Korea. Majority of the people have never heard the Word of God, seen a church, or heard about Jesus Christ. Many Christians are in prison camps because of the faith in Jesus Christ. The people have been taught that Christians are “crazy people”.

Economy:Most soil lacks organic material and is relatively infertile. About 38% of the people engaged in agriculture. There are many conifer forests in the mountain regions. NK has major reserves of coal, iron ore, tungsten, and graphite. All industry is nationalized and the agriculture is collectivized. NK has doctrine of self tolerance and has downgraded role of foreign trade. Principle crops are rice, corn, potatoes, and other vegetables.

Notables:This is one of the most ethnically homogeneous countries in the world. North Korea is one of the richer nations in terms of mineral resources. Once there were many Christians and Jews – called the Jerusalem of the East. A food crises hit in 1996 and is still going today. Estimated 2 to 3 million people have died.
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The Three Year North Korea Prayer Campaign - Join with tens of thousands of believers around the world who are committed to praying for the people of North Korea, that God would tear down the walls of oppression. Read more about life in North Korea in Escape From North Korea.Prayer Points:
Salvation of Kim Jung Il and his leadership team
Effective prayer ministry
Safe travel for those fleeing the country

Pray for Prisoners:

Location: North KoreaArrested: January 2006Days Imprisoned:

Print Fact Sheet Son Jong Nam, an underground Christian in North Korea, has spent more than a year in prison, awaiting public execution. He risked his life returning to North Korea to preach the gospel and VOM contacts believe he is still alive, although contact is limited. Write a letter of encouragement. Let Son know you pray for him and other believers in North Korea. Let your friends know about persecution in North Korea; encourage them to pray and write. Also, write to North Korea officials requesting Son’s release. Pray for Son today

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