Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More Troubles in Pakistan

From Voice of the Martyrs

Pakistan –

Six Churches Attacked and Christian Homes Burned by the Taliban
On Feb. 22, the Taliban attacked six churches, burned several Christian homes and four Bibles and injured children in Karachi, Pakistan, according to The Voice of the Martyrs contacts.
Eye witnesses reported the Taliban shouting, "Accept Islam, Accept Islam, LA ILAHA ILL ALLAH MUHAMMADUR RASOOL ALLAH," meaning there is no god, only Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. The churches that were attacked are, Christ United Church, Philadelphia Pentecostal Church, ARP Church, Salvation Army Church and two public churches.

With all of the newer conflict in Pakistan, we need to keep our brothers and sisters in that troubled country in our daily prayers! We need to pray also for the leaders to seek and hear God's wisdom in driving back the Taliban!

The Voice of the Martyrs supports persecuted believers in Pakistan. Pray for the believers who were injured in this attack and those who lost their homes. Ask God to encourage and protect believers in Pakistan who continue to stand for Him despite persecution.
Posted April 23, 2009

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